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I'm the founder and chief visual storyteller at Promission Productions. I’m an Emmy-winning writer/producer who brings 18+ years experience working with TV networks, Fortune 500 companies, and creative agencies- serving clients like NBC, Disney, People, Intel, and eBay. Branding and creating content across broadcast, print, retail, and digital platforms, I’ve learned to constantly evolve my perspective to help clients reach their audiences- where and how they value it most.

My experience spans the development of brand campaigns, EPKs, TV and digital program writing, and corporate videos. I’ve helped shape the voice of a digital entertainment platform that ultimately reached 50 million screens, and produced an image campaign watched by over 2 billion viewers during the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics.


THAT was truly a dream come true.


I like to think my right brain and left brain play well together, combining the creativity needed to tell compelling stories, with the organizational skills to manage demanding production deadlines and budgets. I’m passionate about mission-driven storytelling, and will work with you from pitch to production, to tell your story with a purpose and passion, that inspires action. 


I believe in the power of stories. As a kid, my mom and I would sit on the floor of a bookstore for hours, reading stories together. Every turn of the page, every word, meant anything was possible - next. Those stories empowered me to travel the world without a plane, hang out with unicorns, and save the day on a regular basis. And while I no longer believe in those childhood stories, I continue to believe in the power of storytelling- the power of real life, grown-up stories, to connect us, be a catalyst for change, and better our world- one story at a time.


I believe doing good is good business.

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